Curbside Pickup

Save Money With Our Curbside Pickup Services

If your Items are on the curb you can save up to 20% on Junk Removal

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How Does Curbside pickup work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the items be placed?

You can place your items on your driveway, the side of the house, or anywhere along the front of your property. 

What if my items are in the back of the house?

If the items are in the back of the house you can still save big if there is easy access to the items. 

What type of items can you take with your curbside pickup services?

Everything we would normally take for our regular junk removal services, expect you save big!

What if I live in an apartment building?

You need to make sure that you have permission to temporarily place the items on the curb or along the side of the building.



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