At Speedy Junk Removal, we believe in transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Here’s how our straightforward pricing works

How We Charge

Our pricing is as simple and straightforward


  • Volume-Based Pricing: The cost of junk removal is based on the amount of space your items occupy in our trucks. We break it down into fractions of our truckload, from 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, up to a full truckload. Our trucks are equivalent to seven pickup truck loads, ensuring we can handle jobs of all sizes
  • Minimum Charge: There is a minimum fee for our services, that cover the basics like transportation, labor, and disposal fees.
  • Heavy Material Pricing: For dense materials like dirt, concrete, and gravel, the pricing takes into account the total volume that the material takes up in the truck, with a maximum of one foot in height for a full truckload.

  • Single Item Removal: We offer specific rates for single items such as mattresses or TVs, which may sometimes be less than our minimum charg

Why Choose Us?

  • No-Obligation Onsite Estimate: Our friendly team will come to you and give a no-obligation price on the spot.
  • Volume-Based Pricing: You only pay for the space your items take up in our truck. It’s simple and fair – from a minimum of 1/8th of a truckload to a full truckload.
  • Curbside Pickup Savings: Save 15% to 20% with our convenient curbside pickup option.

    • Same-Day and Off-Hours Service: We understand urgent needs and offer same-day services and scheduling during off-hours, including weekends.
    • Environmentally Friendly: We strive to divert items from the landfill whenever possible.
    • Full-Service Junk Removal: Our pricing includes labor, truck loading, area sweeping, and disposal/recycling fees.

    Our Trucks

    • Spacious and Ready: Our trucks are designed to handle jobs of all sizes. Whether you’re clearing a room or an entire property, we’ve got you covered.

    Additional Services

    • Pre and Post Moving Junk Removal: Simplify your moving process with our efficient clean out services.
    • Business and Commercial Solutions: We cater to businesses with professional, uniformed teams and offer services at multiple locations. Fully bonded & insured.

    Ready to Schedule?

    Let’s clear that clutter! Schedule your appointment today and experience the best in junk removal services in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

    Our process is simple

    1. Schedule your appointment online or give us a ring at 603-689-6967.

    2. We’ll call 15-30 minutes before arrival to confirm the time.

    3. Once on-site, we provide an all-inclusive price.

    4. We do the heavy lifting.

    No job too big or small…

    Don’t let junk stand in your way. Contact Speedy Junk Removal today and reclaim your space! Call or text us at 603-689-6967 or schedule your service online. We’re here to haul away your headaches and leave you with a smile.



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